Physician Ownership

Physician Ownership


Quality Care, Close to Home

The physicians who referred you to our center may have an ownership interest or investment in the center. You are always free to choose a different facility for your surgery.

The Findlay Surgery Center is owned and operated by Findlay Surgery Center, LTD consisting of:

• Dr. Jihad Alammar
• Dr. Eric Browning
• Dr. Steven Copeland
• Dr. James Davidson
• Dr. Carmen Doty-Armstrong
• Dr. Andre Gilbert

• Dr. Phillip Havens
• Dr. Robert Heacock
• Dr. Randall Huff
• Dr. Jeffery McMath
• Dr. Erik Neilsen
• Dr. Stephen Orr
• Dr. Richard Polder
• Dr. Robert Schutz
• Dr. Thomas Strigle
• Dr. Douglas Yoder
• Dr. George Adam

• Dr. Craig Sellers
• Dr. Scott Marsh
• Dr. Andrew Layne
• Dr. Evan McBeath
• Blanchard Valley Hospital

For more information about our facility, our team, or our outpatient surgical services, please contact us today at (419) 429-0409.